Welcome To Greene Designs

Greene Designs provides Home Staging services for those who seek innovative designs and a fresh style. Greene Designs’ professional home staging services are designed to help you sell your home faster and at a more attractive price. We transform the look of your home by implementing design that highlights its best features to the broadest pool of potential buyers.

Home staging is the art of making the house attractive to potential buyers. Staging makes a house look bigger, warmer, cleaner and brighter. It is more than just decorating and cleaning.  Essentially, it’s all about dressing the house for sale. Staging varies from decorating in that it highlights the room in such a way as to appeal to the widest variety of buyers.  It is not necessarily the way we would live in the space. It is all about illusions.

Because every home is different, it therefore requires a different approach, style, and set of inventory to make it market-ready.  We price each stage individually based on house size, style, access, and architectural attributes.

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