Our Services

We transform the look of your home by implementing design that highlights its best features to the broadest pool of potential buyers.


Completely furnishing and accessorizing an entire vacant home and outdoor living spaces. This includes interior and outdoor furniture, art, accessories, area rugs and linens. We will take into consideration features of the home that should be highlighted, as well as making sure everything is photography-ready.

  • Based on demographic research and trends for your home and neighborhood, we bring in carefully chosen furniture and accessories from our extensive inventory that highlight the most desirable qualities of your home
  • Vacant staging is ideal for home owners who have already moved out of their home and wish to sell quickly
  • Options include staging the entire house or just a few strategically selected rooms
  • Pricing varies based on square footage of areas to be staged, access and location
  • Minimum staging fees begin at $2,000.00


We provide comprehensive and effective strategies for getting your home market-ready for those who will be living in the house while it is on the market.  This is particularly beneficial for busy homeowners.

  • A professional design consultant will discuss your goals, budget and timeline with you and/or your agent
  • A comprehensive walk-through of the home will be performed to assess furniture, furniture placement, flow, clutter, lighting, color, accessories and any needed repairs
  • Focal points of the home will be identified as well as any problem areas
  • The home’s exterior will be evaluated for improvements to enhance curb appeal
  • This consultation usually takes between 60-90 minutes
  • The work can then be completed by you if you are a DIY home seller or you can request we follow with a proposal.
  • A pre-listing consultation is required for all occupied homes prior to staging day
  • Our pre-listing consultation is $250 during normal business hours


Staging the most important rooms and leaving the others vacant, or infusing your furnishings with strategic pieces from our inventory. Often times, it is not necessary to stage every room in a home. Together, we will chose the spaces that we see as essential in order to portray your home at its best.

  • We implement strategies identified during the Pre-listing Consultation to prepare your home to be show-ready. Family-friendly strategies are one of our many options
  • We rearrange your personal furnishings and accessories while incorporating pieces from our diverse inventory to create an updated look designed to appeal to prospective home buyers
  • This option is perfect for homes that contain furnishings that complement the home but may need a little pizzazz through artistic rearranging, enhanced lighting or the addition of strategically integrated colors and textures
  • Pricing varies based on the number of rooms and pieces used from our own inventory, the access to the home and its location



Our Service
We offer what matters and what our clients need – quality and experience. As practical designers, we strive to deliver the highest value for your budget. Many of our clients are either repeat clients or referrals. We are committed to creating that kind of trust with every person we work with.

Our Experience
We are an award-winning boutique-style home staging company with a passionate team of talented and experienced designers. Established in 2010, we have years of experience staging and designing homes on the Eastside and in the Greater Seattle Area. We love what we do. It shows in our performance, attitude, and ultimately, in your design. Let our experience work for you

Our Problem Solving Skills
We take time to listen to your needs and understand your circumstances. This ensures our home staging design solutions will be effective with a smooth and stress-free process for you. We believe communication is the foundation of the design process and the key to a successful execution.

Our Focus
We devote our undivided attention to each home we stage and design to achieve results that are fresh and unique. Every home and every design are important to us and each home receives our complete attention.

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